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Real Estate in Jamaica
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Apartment for Sale in Kingston / St. Andrew, Jamaica
1 bed Apartment for Sale
Kingston / St. Andrew
Apartment for Lease/rental in Kingston / St. Andrew, Jamaica
2 bed Apartment for Lease/rental
Kingston / St. Andrew
JMD$120,000.00 per month
Apartment for Sale in St. Ann, Jamaica
2 bed Apartment for Sale
St. Ann
House for Sale in Kingston / St. Andrew, Jamaica
4 bed House for Sale
Kingston / St. Andrew
Commercial building for Lease/rental in Manchester, Jamaica
Commercial building for Lease/rental
JMD$65,000.00 per month
House for Sale in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica
3 bed House for Sale
St. Elizabeth
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Mar 24 2014
Search Neighbourhoods for Good Real Estate Deals

Have you ever been in a neighborhood and wondered who owns that empty lot on the corner or that, derelict or abandoned house?   If you are looking for good Real Estate deals in Jamaica, your answer might very well lie in those so called abandoned properties. This article over at Jamaicans.com points out how to search neighbourhoods for good real estate deals in Jamaica. [more]

Dec 17 2013
Smart homes reach Jamaican market
Canadian Brothers Development Limited has brought its first set of smart homes to market in a complex  to be  called Royal Plantation Estate.  The development, to be finalised in January, will be built on an approximately half-acre property in St Catherine and is being pursued in collaboration with the  developer of Plantation Heights, which it adjoins.

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