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Real Estate in Jamaica
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Commercial/farm land For Sale in williamsfield, Westmoreland, Jamaica

Price : USD$60,000.00
Phone : 00491753607344

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Address : williamsfield westmoreland

10 acres of property for sale, williamsfield district, Westmoreland. The land is located very close to dammhead pumpstation in williamsfield, a very pure and powerfull riverhead. As the property was formerly used as farmland there are still a lot of pimento trees and cocoa, as well as some coconut, mango and other type of fruit trees located in the bottom part of the land. There is a flat in the middle part of the property with a fantastic view over the Westmoreland Hills in the Negril direction. Some terracing has formerly been done here. Going further up right to the Hilltop, the upper part oft he land is mainly covered by tall trees and forest. You may find best quality lumber such as mahoe everywhere on the land, but especially large amounts here at the upper sections. Besides there are huge amounts of stones of any size available, suitable for buildind or such. The richness of the land makes it attractive for foresters and farmers, as well as nature lovers.

Internal sq. ft. : 0 External sq. ft. : 436,000
Gated? : No Furnished? : No
This property was last updated on Sunday, May 7, 2017.

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