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Real Estate in Jamaica
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5 bed 4 bath House For Sale in Port Maria, St. Mary, Jamaica

Price : USD$349,900.00
Phone : 8764694945

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Address : Grants Town Rd

If natural beauty and tranquility is what you are seeking, look no more. Valentine View is a delightful cottage set on a one acre lot with an outstanding view of the sea and surrounding countryside. The area is a tropical paradise of fruit trees and flowing shrubs and the gentle sound of the sea takes your mind to a gentle stress-free lifestyle. Ideal for a guest house or villa operation, one could be blamed for wanting to keep this quiet romantic retreat entirely to yourself. Set just outside the rural township of Port Maria where all the usual activities are to be found, here you have the best of both worlds. Designed for outdoor living, four of the five bedrooms open unto balconies/patios. and there is a spacious roof. Walking distance to the sea, a private concrete in-ground swimming pool is an added bonus. Modernize it or keep it just the way it is, either way you will totally enjoy this idyllic location that takes your breath away. Come and see for yourself.

Internal sq. ft. : 0 External sq. ft. : 3,000
Gated? : No Furnished? : No
This property was last updated on Thursday, September 15, 2016.

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