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Real Estate in Jamaica
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1 bed 1 bath Apartment For Lease/rental in Sandcastles Resort Ocho Rios Jamaica 24 hours security Apt D12, St. Ann, Jamaica

Price : USD$4,500.00  (per month)
Phone : 18764697022

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Address : 1 Main Street Ocho Rios Saint Ann Parish

Area highlights include Dolphin Cove where visitors can swim with the dolphins and interact with stingrays and tropical birds and reptiles. Dunns River Falls which is a must experience for first-time visitors, stepping stones allow visitors easy access up and down the falls under a stimulating shower. Another area attraction of interest is Fern Gully where under a canopy of trees a visitor is surrounded by thousands of magnificent ferns. Finally, for those who are reggae lovers a visit to the birthplace of reggae icon/superstar Bob Marley is a must. Those of you who are interested in Usain Bolt take a day out and go visit his birthplace in Falmouth the locals are very friendly and will show you where he lived and the school he attended. This trip can organised by Mr Phillips who is our events manager for weddings, parties etc at Sandcastles or visit his shop that is two doors away his wife is very experience and will make that day even more special for you. Services we provide

Internal sq. ft. : 0 External sq. ft. : 80
Gated? : Yes Furnished? : Yes
This property was last updated on Friday, November 18, 2016.

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