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Real Estate in Jamaica
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9 bed 9.5 bath Resort/vacation property For Sale in Port Maria, St. Mary, Jamaica

Price : USD$1,900,000.00
Phone : 3249398

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Address : REDUCED PRICE Castle Gardens

Your private get-away, an income earner or both...you choose. Nestled in a calming and salubrious climate...10 bedrooms each with en suite bathroom, 2 additional bathrooms, family room with private balcony, large dining room and reception lounge area with conservatory and barbecue area at back, large kitchen, large washroom area, swimming pool with Bar, parking for 4-5 cars, aquarium with tropical fishes at front and back. aprox 11.5 acres

Internal sq. ft. : 5,000 External sq. ft. : 86,000
Gated? : No Furnished? : No
This property was last updated on Monday, December 12, 2011.

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