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Real Estate in Jamaica
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Residential lot For Sale in Stony Hill, Kingston / St. Andrew, Jamaica

Price : JMD$9,000,000.00
Phone : 8767981638

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Located just off Diamond Road on Heights Avenue in Stony Hill is this 1/2 acre residential lot with a view of the city. The lot is on the right side of Heights Avenue. It slopes upwards from the lane. There is a steep rock-face of about 7 feet, after that the lot levels out and is very gently sloping. It is 21,780 sq ft and is triangular in shape. It is narrow at the front and then widens to the back from where the view of the city is best. See satellite picture of lot. The front part of the lot is rocky. These rocks are perfect to use to build the retaining wall for the driveway. Lot follows the slope of the neighboring parcel. The pegs are visible and the land is easy to walk on after passing the rock face. Price JMD9,000,000 neg. Dealer Hope Codlin and Assocs. DL-2015/034. Website www.jamaicanpropertiesja.com/

Internal sq. ft. : 0 External sq. ft. : 21,780
Gated? : No Furnished? : No
This property was last updated on Thursday, May 11, 2017.

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