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2014-03-24 Search Neighbourhoods for Good Real Estate Deals None
2013-12-17 Smart homes reach Jamaican market 1
2013-12-12 Townhouses for King's House lands None
2013-05-20 Ten cost effective ways to add value to your home None
2013-03-04 Home renovation on a budget None
2013-03-04 New land values for Jamaica None
2013-01-21 Red flags to note when renting in Jamaica None
2013-01-13 The benefits of buying into apartment and townhouse developments None
2013-01-06 Boost your chance of owning a home in Jamaica None
2012-11-19 New local television program showcases Jamaican homes None
2012-09-12 Real Estate Board seeking greater protection for home buyers None
2012-09-07 NHT urged to facilitate young professionals None
2012-07-19 Middle-income home availability, affordability stifles market 4
2012-06-19 Use NHT surplus to build homes None
2012-03-08 NCB now offering 9.5% mortgage None
2012-02-26 Your home in Jamaica : Rent, Build or Buy? None
2012-02-15 Mortgage business in Jamaica trends upward None
2012-01-18 Jamaica missing out on timeshare market None
2011-12-05 WIHCON segments business model to include luxury home offering None
2011-10-18 Low property tax compliance in Montego Bay None
2011-10-11 COK launches 10% mortgage loan None
2011-09-29 UDC will launch REIT to drive urban redevelopment None
2011-09-26 Richmond Jamaica hailed as the future of Jamaican housing None
2011-09-08 JNBS drops upkeep savings component of mortgage payments None
2011-08-19 New Era Homes launches Caymanas real estate development None
2011-07-30 Mortgage rates in Jamaica trend downwards None
2011-07-22 Sagicor re-enters Jamaican real estate market 4
2011-07-22 RBC Jamaica enters mortgage market None
2011-07-20 Commercial property values up in downtown Kingston None
2011-07-12 Luxury development for Montego Bay None
2011-06-28 Sagicor cuts mortgage rates None
2011-06-17 UDC may develop real estate investment trust None
2011-06-15 Kingston Properties Limited increases portfolio None
2011-05-25 Tax change to boost mortgage refinancing None
2011-05-01 New townhouse development for Graham Heights None
2011-04-18 Quicker approval of building permits None
2011-04-07 New developer promises to cut house prices None
2011-03-12 New housing developments for Jamaica None
2011-02-08 Rebound in Jamaica real estate sales for 2010 None
2011-01-18 Corporate investors see opportunity in Jamaica's real estate market None
2011-01-11 Jamaica's real estate market expected to rebound in 2011 None
2010-12-05 Chinese firm set to begin housing development None
2010-11-28 Renewed interest in downtown Kingston property None
2010-09-13 New townhouses and apartments for Mona 3.5
2010-08-06 New townhouse development for Hellshire None
2010-07-22 New townhouse project for Cherry Gardens None
2010-07-15 Making money with your home None
2010-06-11 New Era to build beachfront apartments in St. Ann None
2010-06-06 Sandals family plans new housing development None
2010-06-06 Stable commercial rentals in New Kingston None
2010-05-21 Chinese invest US$70m in Jamaican real estate None
2010-05-14 JNBS seeks to acquire NHT mortgage portfolio 5
2010-05-02 Commission of Strata Corporations now in place None
2010-04-25 New benefits for NHT contributors None
2010-04-05 Selling your home in a slow real estate market 4
2010-03-13 Making Jamaican housing more affordable 5
2010-02-22 Smart real estate investing None
2010-01-04 Jamaica's real estate market in 2010 5
2009-12-01 Tips for improving your home's value None
2009-09-30 El Prado Verde 3.6
2009-08-31 Real estate market rebounding? None
2009-07-29 Jamaica moves to stimulate real estate market None
2009-07-07 Two things to remember when selling your home in Jamaica None
2009-06-22 The role of real estate in economic recovery None
2009-05-19 Building your home in Jamaica None
2009-04-28 Jamaica's real estate sector to get further stimulus in 2010 None
2009-04-13 Low turnover creates real estate deals for buyers None
2009-03-22 Jamaica Mortgage Bank taking steps to stimulate the housing industry None
2009-03-17 Is the price of Jamaican real estate falling? 4
2009-02-28 Jamaica National drops compulsory savings to help mortgage holders None
2009-02-20 Buying a home in Jamaica None
2009-02-15 Change in BOJ liquidity requirements drives up lending rates None
2009-02-09 New developments for Portmore and Stadium Gardens None
2009-02-06 Job cuts increase mortgage delinquency None
2009-01-31 New WIHCON projects for Old Harbour and Mona None
2009-01-20 Realtors encourage real estate investment None
2008-10-24 Jamaican real estate market declining None
2008-10-02 Real estate in Jamaica and alternative investment schemes None
2008-10-01 Jamaica's Real Estate Board celebrates it's 20th Anniversary None
2008-09-30 Other new housing developments None
2008-09-23 Diaspora urged to invest in Jamaica None
2008-09-23 New housing developments None
2008-09-14 High levels of non performing loans and mortgages None
2008-08-25 What an Olympics that was ... None
2008-08-07 Carlton Savannah REIT - Jamaica's first real estate investment trust None
2008-07-05 Jamaica's internet penetration now at 55% None
2008-06-26 Tips on doing real estate transactions in Jamaica None
2008-06-19 Valerie Levy expects housing demand to slide None
2008-06-06 Increase in interest in local real estate by Jamaicans overseas None
2008-06-05 Scotiabank to venture into real estate development None
2008-05-29 J$4-billion residential project for St. Ann None
2008-05-28 Deborah Cumming and Century 21 Heave-Ho Properties None
2008-05-26 We're online! None


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