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Real Estate in Jamaica
About PropertyAdsJa.com
Ever tried to "house-hunt" using just the newspaper classifieds? Properties not available for viewing when it's convenient to you and vice versa? Ever driven around to look at property only to find out they're nothing like you pictured in your mind? Real estate agent not finding exactly what you want?

Yeah, we hate the old way of trying to find real estate too.

PropertyAdsJamaica.com was conceptualised by a group of young Jamaicans who wanted to bring property marketers and property hunters together in an easy to use website which makes the process of listing and searching for property to rent or purchase as pleasant an experience as possible.

Many prospective users for a site like this were interviewed to find out what functionality real people thought would make the "perfect" property classifieds website. It is this approach that leads to the features and functionality being developed that helps set PropertyAdsJamaica.com apart from other sites.

This website is designed to be used by all persons wishing to market real estate property, whether for rent or for sale, anywhere in Jamaica. It is intended to be used by persons both locally and abroad to view real estate property in a meaningful way.

Note that we're not here to compete with real estate agents, but rather to complement their service offering. We encourage real estate agents to list their properties here too as it will give their listings increased visibility.

Our Goals
Some of our goals when we were creating the site were as follows :
  • Free for persons listing properties for rent or sale
  • Super quick signup (should take less than a minute)
  • Better search results for persons wishing to find properties
  • All properties must have at least one picture to appear in the search results (otherwise, it's just a normal ad, right?)
  • Larger thumbnails and property photos to give interested persons a better idea of the features of the property
  • Ability for registered users to ask questions about properties online
  • Ability for registered users to let others know they like a property
  • Ability for registered users to leave want ads, and get email alerts when properties which match their want ad get listed
  • ... and we have many more upcoming features!!

Saturday, January 19, 2019 About Us
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