Let's Get You Pre-Qualified

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Congratulations on taking the decision to get pre-qualified!

If you want to purchase real estate and intend to get a mortgage, getting pre-qualified is the most important step in the process. Getting pre-qualified lets you know how much you will be able to borrow towards the purchase of a property, and shows the seller of a property (along with any agents that you or they may be working with), that you're able to put in a serious offer backed by financing.

We're sure you want to start seriously property shopping quickly, so let's you get you pre-qualified fast with some basic financial information ....

Step 1

This is your monthly salary income before taxes and statutory deductions come out.

Step 2

If you have other regular, verifiable monthly income (eg rental from properties, informal jobs) enter it here. If you have no other regular monthly income, enter 0

Step 3

Enter the total of the monthly loan and other debt payments you currently make (eg student loans, car loans, mortgages, personal loans, average credit card payments) . If you pay rent, and intend to continue paying rent with your new mortgage, include the rent in this total. If your new mortgage will replace the rent, exclude the rent from this total. If you have no monthly payments for loans or other debt, enter 0

Step 4

Enter the total of your monthly living expenses (eg transportation, food, entertainment, utilities, insurance) . If you have no monthly living expenses, enter 0

Step 5

I live outside of Jamaica (check box if true)

I hereby certify that the infomation I have provided is truthful, complete and correct, and understand that my final loan approval is still contingent on any supporting documents that may be required by a lender.