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Real Estate in Jamaica
User Testimonials
This site is great within a week of posting my property I had rented my property the layout of the site is great, keep up the good work.
Nicole C., Kingston

guys, your website is awesome. The picture quality is great, it is easy to navigate, and is not cluttered. I will definitely recommend your website to my friends, awesome, just awesome, great job.

I had just been given notice by my landlord, and I needed to find somewhere to live quickly. The newspaper classifieds were so confusing, and I couldn't possibly visit every listing. A friend recommended PropertyAdsJa.com to me, and when I visited the website I realized that there were a lot of properties there, all with pictures. The search features made it easy for me to narrow down my choices, and within minutes I had made a short list. Thanks to PropertyAdsJa.com I was able to find a great new home at an affordable price. I will recommend this site to all persons I know shopping around for places to live.
Andrea S., Kingston 8

My wife and I were looking to purchase our first home. Anyone who has done this before knows what a daunting task this can be. I have always thought that there should be an easier way to do this. Even visiting some of the realtors websites wasn't much help as some properties never had pictures, others were not available for viewing, and others had been unavailable for some time. I found PropertyAdsJa.com in my online search and was delighted to see the quality pictures and variety of ads posted on the site. We were able to make a decision on a property quickly based on the great search features on the website and put in an offer which the seller accepted. Thanks, PropertyAdsJa.com, I'll help spread the word about your great site.
Colin W., Portmore

I had been advertising my property in the newspaper classifieds for some time with not much interest seemingly generated. Someone told me that PropertyAdsJa.com allowed users to post property ads and pictures for free, so I figured why not, I have nothing to lose. Soon after I took some pictures and listed my property on your website, I received a call from a prospective buyer in the UK. He had visited the website and seen the property and wished to negotiate. Our lawyers spoke thereafter and the transaction went through without a hitch. This website obviously helped an overseas investor and also helped me get my property sold. I'll definitely use this site again and have already told my associates about it.
F. Brown., North Coast

Some of our goals when we were creating the site were as follows :
  • Free for persons listing properties for rent or sale
  • Super quick signup (should take less than a minute)
  • Better search results for persons wishing to find properties
  • All properties must have at least one picture to appear in the search results (otherwise, it's just a normal ad, right?)
  • Larger thumbnails and property photos to give interested persons a better idea of the features of the property
  • Ability for registered users to ask questions about properties online
  • Ability for registered users to let others know they like a property
  • Ability for registered users to leave want ads, and get email alerts when properties which match their want ad get listed
  • ... and we have many more upcoming features!!

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